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    Pasta Sauce

    We would like the rest of the world to enjoy this great
    tasting gluten free sauce straight from the hearts of Toomio's

Where to Buy Toomio’s

Toomio’s is now available for purchase at dozens
of local stores. Take a look here to see the full list of stores or click the link to the left or order online.

Toomio's Story

My husband returned from Iraq in 2004, and shortly after returning he received a diagnosis of Celiac's Disease.

That started our venture to find good tasting, gluten free food products. We were disappointed with what was available on the market so we decided to make our own products.

Toomio's Pasta Sauce was created in our own family kitchen in the heart of Pennsylvania. We would like the rest of the world to enjoy this great tasting gluten free pasta sauce straight from the heart of Toomio's. Enjoy!

  • Best pasta sauce EVER! Will be my go to sauce in my house!

    Leanna Moyer
  • Best pasta sauce I ever ate. We use your sauce on everything. Outstanding on meatballs. Just like homemade. Delicious

    Rob R.
  • Your sauce it the best pasta sauce on the market. Better than my homemade and that says a lot. Thumbs up for Toomios. Absolutely delicious.

    Mark K.
  • Your pasta sauce is delicious. I’m Italian and I can say its just like my mom use to make. Toomios will be in our pantry all the time. Delicious

    Michael B.
  • Hats off to Toomios Pasta Sauce. It is delicious. Nothing better on the market. We rave about your sauce to everyone and we love the all natural

    Heather B.
  • All I can say about your pasta sauce is wow. Outstanding , it tastes just like homemade. My husband said its the best sauce on the market.

    June M.
  • Toomios pasta sauce is now a fan favorite at our house. My kids love it and its the first pasta sauce my daughter would ever eat. Delicious 5 stars to Toomios.

    Ronda F.
  • Wow is all I can say about your pasta sauce. It is delicious. Better than my homemade. 5 stars.

    Allen W.
  • We tried your sauce and we agreed Its the best pasta sauce on the market. We are definitely buying this sauce from now on. It is delicious.

    Ronald K.
  • Thank you for your amazing sauce. It is always in our pantry and we don’t buy anything else.

    Kelly H.